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The EZ Jumper is your answer to the never-ending quest for a better body. A fresh, versatile fitness product, the EZ Jumper is designed for people of all ages, sizes and needs. Whether your fitness goals are strength and stamina, pushing your body to its full potential or simply a fun workout, the EZ Jumper is for you. Together with healthy eating habits, the EZ Jumper has endless possibilities for helping you attain the body you’ve always wanted.

Sammy Black is the inventor and creator of the EZ Jumper. An avid fitness athlete himself, Sammy developed this product to help others benefit from jumping rope, just as he has. His main intention is to help beginners enjoy jumping rope without anxiety and to encourage athletes to push themselves while trying an innovative and universal product such as the EZ Jumper.

Sammy can be contacted directly at sammy@ezjumper.net.

Sammy has been working with youth and high school football players to pass his message of health and fitness to younger generations. His goal is to help young athletes reach their full potential while ensuring future generations don’t fall into today’s obesity epidemic.



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