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Absolutely. Once you master a foot pattern, you move on to something more advanced. Keep posted because our new section will have an introduction of easy accessories to go with your EZ Jumper.

Not as high impact as running or jumping. Generally you are jumping an inch or two off the ground so impact is not an issue. In the event you have a predisposition to knee injury or osteoporosis, consulting with your physician before any workout is best.

EZ Jumper is created to cater to any level of fitness, coordination and skill. From beginner to novice to professional athlete – this product will provide an excellent workout.

EZ Jumper can burn approximately 800-1000 calories an hour. Definitely a choice activity when considering options for cardio-vascular training.

Most standard homes have enough ceiling height to allow you to use EX Jumper indoors. Your really jumping about an inch or two during most training seasons.

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